Robyn Amthauer

Hey there, I'm Robyn, owner and designer at Stella Sutton Design. I bet you're thinking 'wait, so your name isn't Stella?' Well funny you should ask. When I made the decision to leave Corporate America in 2019 to pursue design full-time, it felt like a life-changing decision. So what better way to honor that decision than naming the company after something else that changed my life, my two daughters Stella and Sutton. Cheesy? Maybe. A reminder that keeps me inspired daily? Absolutely.

So here's the nitty-gritty. I take immense pride in the work I produce and how I serve my clients. This job isn't your traditional 9-5 (cue Dolly), it's 'find the time to get it done'. The good news is I work from an office I built on our farm, so I'm ALWAYS here.


You're in the livestock biz? Good, me too. My husband Brad, along with our daughters Stella and Sutton, own and operate Amthauer Club Lambs. Looking for someone who understands how to market in the show livestock industry? Well I'm your gal. It's our passion, so I get how important it is to you as well.

Not in the livestock biz? Well fret not, I serve a number of clients in as wide array of businesses as you can imagine.